Minority Small Business Owners

Hispanic Small Business Owner

Today more than ever, small business owners are setting up shop in the most underserved minority neighborhood in big cities.

Why minority businesses are in demand

It’s simple, minorities feel more comfortable walking into and buying goods or paying for a service from a minority owned business. In some neighborhoods, minorities have no choice but to lease out whatever they can afford. Some will say it’s not fair. Maybe it’s not, but the truth is there are grants and loans available now more than ever because of the demand for more minorities in business.

How to grow your minority owned business

If you’re looking to grow your business, we highly recommend that you contact The U.S. Department of State. Research the Business USA section. If you’re thinking about going into business, they have information about startups. If you already have a business, they have information about growth and how to get others to do business with you.

For example, if you sell educational products, you may be eligible to be a vendor for your state in the area of: Educational Consulting > Small Business > Minority Owned.

If financing is what you need, then the SBA is a great option for you to look into. They have provided $13.5 billion in loans over the last 6 years to small businesses. If you are a women or a veteran, there are also options especially for you.

So keep the dream alive of opening your own business. Minorities all over the nation are waiting to business with you.