Scholarships for Hispanic College STEM Field Students

The number of Hispanics who are studying for STEM field jobs are low compared to the Hispanic population. Thus, there are numerous scholarships to help increase the amount of Hispanics who are studying for a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics degree or STEM.

With a degree in these areas, a person can get a high paying high-tech job in any of these fields. Many international students are who graduate of a STEM program can also gain work experience after graduation for up to 12 months, sometimes more with a granted extension.

Not only are these subjects studied at the post-secondary level but they are being taught as low as the elementary level. Before, only the gifted and talented programs were teaching STEM material, not many public schools are teaching the same material as well.

Hispanic STEM ScholarshipsAgain, there is a push to get more Hispanics to graduate with degrees for STEM field jobs. The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Foundation awards $500,000 and above to Hispanic/Latino students who are looking to work toward an engineering degree. Those awards range from $1,000 to $5,000.

More organizations are jumping on board and providing funding in this area and those include: ASPIRA Assocation, Hispanic Association of College and Universities (HACU), The Gates Millennium Scholars Program, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Hispanic College Fund, National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, the Leauge of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, National Alliance for Hispanic Health and many more.

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Why Latinos are Starting but not Finishing College

It’s growing, the amount of Latinos enrolled in colleges nationwide. Now that more Latinos are starting college, we need for the amount of those that complete a degree to increase as well. There are several reasons why most Latinos don’t finish college.

One of the biggest barriers for Latinos is the financial commitment one has when starting school. Think about it for second, a student enrolls in college and realizes that thousands of dollars has to be turned in at the end of the semester to pay for tuition or they can no longer take courses. The easiest answer is to have students get a full-time job while they are in school. Although many would agree it rarely happens because so many classes starting out are only available in the morning. Yes, some schools have night courses and some jobs are flexible with students but most are not.

So what happens is the student ends up either having to take out heavy loans which if one does it for the fall semester they are likely to do the same for the spring semester. This of course causes a snowball effect to take place and students finish with loads of debt.

Latino College Student

Another reason why students fail is because they lack mentorship. Not just somebody that points them in the right direction but somebody they can call and talk to on a weekly basis. Students who are mentored by somebody who has also completed college are likely to finish as well. There is something about following in ones footsteps and having them readily available when you need motivation.

If you are Latino and you have finished college, I urge you to look for one person you can mentor up until they finish college. You know what it’s like to want to quit, you could be the reason that person finishes.

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$2.87 Million Title V grant increases academic opportunities for Hispanic students

Hispanic Female Grants at UniversityYou can’t just throw money at a problem and expect positive results. Well, actually there are times when you can. When it comes to providing academic opportunities for Hispanic students, scholarships and grants can be a motivator a student needs to finish.

In 2010, The Department of Education awarded Nova Southeastern University (NSU) a $2.87 million Title V grant to help give financial assistance to the growing Hispanic student population. The result, for four years in a row, NSU is the number school in the nation that has awarded doctorate degrees to Hispanics in fields that in demand such as: Business, Education, Law, Psychology.

So many Hispanics are attending NSU? Let’s just say that thirty-three percent of the undergraduate student population are Latino. No wonder so many Hispanics are thriving at NSU, if you know the Hispanic culture you know that they long for community. So if students are walking around campus and taking classes with other Hispanics, they build community. Hispanics thrive when there is community where they can be understood and talk openly about their culture and share their culture with other college students. This can be the difference between a student staying in school or dropping out.

Great job NSU on apply for grants to assist the Hispanic population at your university. To learn more about NSU, please visit their website at

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